Pics Organizer

Pics Organizer 1.6

An advanced digital image organizer program

Pics Organizer is a Windows based image organizer program to scan through your hard disk and create a database to keep the stored images organized.

This application can run a search on the drives, find duplicate pictures, rename image files, create folders or subfolders, move images to appropriate folders, and maintain a structured folder arrangement to provide easy access to images.

Pics Organizer can detect images taken by a camera, find matching images in other folders on hard drives and then present the information for further action.

This tool also allows you to create a single file virtual movie with images stored in a particular folder or album. This can be done with just a couple of clicks to select the first and last image and interval time.

In short, Pics Organizer is an image organizing solution for users who frequently store camera images on their hard drives and need to keep them organized.

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